Work package number:  WP1

Work package title: Coordination and Project Management

WP Leader:  KOERI


The main objective of this WP is to ensure the successful completion of the project goals on time within the limits defined by the budgetary framework and quality standards imposed by the EU. This work package will oversee the administrative and financial management and it will ensure financial and scientific/technical coordination, project planning and evaluation of the project progress, while emphasizing quality assurance. The objectives are the following:

  • Administration and co-ordination of the project resources, including budget spent and efforts utilized;
  • Monitoring and control of the workplan and preparation of detailed workplans;
  • Coordination and monitoring of the work among the WP Leaders;
  • Compilation and issuing of periodic reports;
  • Arrangement of the project level meetings and issuing the minutes;
  • Structuring a consortium communication, including deliverables, reviews, etc.; and

A clear and swift communication between the Project and the EC officers.

Description of work

According to the Consortium Agreement drafted with reference to the simplified FP7 Model Consortium Agreement (DESCA 3.0), the Consortium General Assembly (CGA) will be the ultimate decision-making body of the Consortium. The Project Coordinator (PC) will be the legal entity acting as the intermediary between the Parties and the European Commission and will also be responsible for the execution of the Project. The PC will also report to and be accountable to the General Assembly. The Project Manager (PM) is in charge of all operational and management aspects of the project and will report directly. PC and PM will be supported by the MARsite Project Office (PO), which will execute the daily management tasks like the financial and contractual issues, the management of budget and time, the monitoring and execution of quality checks, the reporting to the EC and the PC, the communication and flow of information within the project and the necessary input to the project web portal. PO will be located at KOERI and will provide administrative and financial assistance to the PC and PM. Moreover, Project Coordinator will be assisted by a Project Coordinator Assistant who will also support the Project Manager in quality checks, the reporting to the EC and the PC, the communication and flow of information within the project and the necessary input to the project web portal. An External Expert Advisory Board (EEAB) will be appointed and steered by the PC and the CGA. A project web-portal will be created and maintained. The MARsite web-portal will be an essential element of the internal and external project communication. The portal will provide project overviews and highlights, up-to-date information on project results, including public and periodic reports where appropriate. Additional information project events including meetings, conferences and workshops as well as contact details will be available.

The activities of this work package are divided into three interrelated tasks:

Task 1. Project Management and Communication

The purpose of this task is to ensure effective implementation of the project management procedures through the following activities:

  • Establishment and maintenance of a management structure and governance through the preparation and implementation of the Consortium Agreement;
  • Coordination with the WP Leaders to plan project-related activities at the project, sub-project and WP levels;
  • Elaboration and submission of periodic progress reports and cost statements;
  • Cost and time management by maintaining the project budget, and managing the allocation of human and financial resources and related accounting;
  • Preparation of annual review reports and review presentations;
  • Preparation of annual workplans in coordination with the WP Leaders and revise when necessary;
  • Establishment of a communication mechanism through e-mail, phone, video-conferencing, web-based conferencing, fax or face-to-face meetings;
  • Organization of a kick-off and regular consortium meetings, prepare agendas, chair the meetings and elaborate minutes;
  • Overall coordination and reporting to the EC representatives, including the submission of all project documentation and deliverables; and
  • Creation and maintenance of a project web-portal.

Task 2. External Expert Advisory Board

The purpose of this task is the foundation and maintenance of the External Expert Advisory Board. The EEAB will assist and facilitate the decisions made by the General Assembly of MARsite. The Project Coordinator will be responsible for writing the minutes of the EEAB meetings and prepare the implementation of the EEAB’s suggestions. While the work package is organized and maintained by the project coordinator, all partners in the consortium will be contributing to the periodic delivery scheme foreseen.

 Task 3. Quality Assurance and risk management

For quality management the following performance indicators will be identified: input, output, outcome and impact indicators. A consistent set of working guidelines will be implemented throughout the whole project. Process management will involve management of documents, which will be undertaken by the PM, whereas management of the quality of the input data will be the joint responsibility of the WP Leaders and the Project Coordinator. This task will include systematic activities to provide confidence that the project will satisfy relevant quality standards and will be performed throughout the project. The main potential risk in MARsite is the large number of participants, which may lead to inadequate communication, difficulty in overall management, insufficient participation and integration. These will be dealt with by the effective coordination among the WP leaders, PC, PM and PO supported by a clear CA and clear description of responsibilities in working plans, which will be dealt with in Task 1. Other risk areas may include deliverables being not on time or lacking quality, which will be addressed by the close monitoring of the project processes by the WP leaders, PC and PM.

The following activities will be carried out:

  • Audit and review project plans to ensure the defined processes are followed;
  • Audit and review project deliverables to ensure the work performed is according to the project plan;

Assess the process improvements.