Work package number: WP11

Work package title: Dissemination

WP Leader: EMSC


This workpackage concerns the dissemination of the project results to a wider community in general. The single task of this WP will be in charge of dissemination to the general public through, for example, printed brochures and the project website and also the development of dissemination materials to help in interactions with interested stakeholders in the Marmara Sea region, e.g. the Istanbul municipality.

Task 1. Dissemination

This task will consist of various dissemination activities to publicize the MARsite project to various communities. MARsite will take appropriate measures to engage with the public and the media about the project and to especially highlight the financial support of the European Union. The first subtask is the compile of an identity card of the project for use on the project website and in other formats. The project website will be compiled to include news, events, presentations and other relevant information. A Project Factsheet will be made available at the onset of the project as well as at each reporting period, which will be communicated to the Project Officer. The website will also include a set of high-quality re-usable illustrations for use in future publications. A quarterly project newsletter will be produced, which will be circulated to interested parties and available for download from the website. To better focus the dissemination, an analysis will be undertaken to define the target users and public and produce a communication plan for the dissemination and public outreach strategy of MARsite, defining possible approaches to address the target users (e.g. policy-makers and industry in the Marmara region; the scientific community, including partners of related projects; and mass media/general public). Each target audience has their own information requirements, and it is essential that MARsite project information material appropriately target the specific audience groups. Social networks are becoming a major communications channel and they contribute to an improved dialogue with society; hence, we propose to exploit those open innovative channels to publish and spread information targeted to large public. Publications in media will also be accounted for, as well as the number of printed materials produced and distributed. Certain aspects of the project may also benefit from short video presentations and, therefore, a short video targeting a wide public audience will be produced. Although electronic dissemination is becoming increasing important we will also create and distribute leaflets presenting the objectives and the main steps of the project. At community events (e.g. scientific conferences) booths will be animated by members of the project to inform people about MARsite. In addition, this task will develop educational material in English (leaflet and booklets for wide distribution) and Turkish (with the assistance of KOERI for use within the area surrounding the Marmara Sea) on themes of the MarSite project to increase public awareness of the results. MARsite will deposit an electronic copy of the published version or the final manuscript accepted for publication of a scientific publication relating to foreground published before or after the final report on the project website.