TUBITAK Marmara Research Center (MRC) Earth and Marine Sciences Institute (EMSI), is a research and technology centre conducting strategic researches using advanced technology based on measurements, monitoring and computer-aided modelling. The Institute leads especially the governmental organizations and municipalities via the multi-disciplinary scientific researches. Its vision is to become “A Center of Excellence” in the areas of active tectonics and the underground resources in Turkey and in the region. Its mission is to conduct social benefit focused applied researches based on measurement, monitoring and modelling in the areas of active tectonics and the underground resources. The strategic objectives are to apply multi-disciplinary researches toward hazard mitigation of devastating earthquakes, to facilitate the use of the scientific information obtained from the researches on Geo-hazards of geologic origin as a basis for disaster preparedness aiming to increase social welfare, in cooperation with the implementing organizations, on re-evaluation of the petroleum and natural gas regions; aiming for development of the limited hydrocarbon resources in Turkey, to increase the number of experienced researchers to conduct the R&D activities in the most needed disciplines and areas of Earth Sciences and to decrease the financial overburden to national budget. The following key researchers have took part (coordinator/researcher) in several national/international projects of the institute such as Marmara Region GPS Monitoring Network, Monitoring Earthquake Activity at Marmara Region by Multidisciplinary Studies and Research on Probable Effects on Istanbul Coastal Zone/ Continental Shelf, Investigation of Possible Active Faults in Istanbul Land Area and Development of Landslide Determination and Monitoring Methodologies by Multidisciplinary Researches in Istanbul Metropolitan Area, Seismotectonic Properties of the Eastern Aegean, Testing New Methods for Prediction of Earthquakes in the Marmara Region, Multi-Disciplinary Earthquake Researches in High Risk Regions of Turkey Representing Different Tectonic Regimes.