Being established in 1453 and thus being among the oldest 10 universities in Europe, Istanbul University has more than 5000 academic stuff. Its educational activities range from bachelor degree to doctoral degree in 20 faculties and 16 institutes. Research activities have been carrying out through research institutes encompassing Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Business and Management, Information Technology, Science, Medical Studies and Engineering. The Geophysical Department is under Engineering Faculty of IU and consisted of three divisions; Seismology Division, who will be taking part in this project, Applied Geophysics Division and Physics of the Earth Division. The emphasis of academic activities of Seismology Division is placed on: Seismic zonation and compilation of earthquake catalogues; Characteristics of strong earthquake ground motion; Simulation of strong ground motion, Site and soil response analysis; Earthquake hazard and risk analysis; Earthquake source mechanisms; Crustal Structure; Earthquake early warning systems and algorithms.