Kocaeli University (KOU) established in 1992 and now one of the leading young University in Turkey. The Geophysical Department is under Engineering Faculty of KOU and consisted of three divisions; Seismology Division, Applied Geophysics Division and Physics of the Earth Division.  Department of Geophysics has who will be taking part in this project, the emphasis of academic activities of Seismology Division is placed on: Seismic zonation and compilation of earthquake catalogues; Monitoring microseisimic activity, monitoring seismicity patterns, Characteristics of strong earthquake ground motion; Simulation of strong ground motion, Site and soil response analysis; Earthquake hazard and risk analysis; Earthquake source mechanisms; Crustal Structure; Earthquake early warning systems and algorithms, Trapped waves and shear waves splitting analysis, microtremor observations and modelling, earthquake prediction studies and disaster management systems and disaster reduction studies.