ITU-EMCOL is specialized in marine and lake studies related to natural hazards and environmental changes, covering a wide range the fields such as submarine earthquake geology, tsunamis, submarine landslides, floods, climate and environmental changes. EMCOL projects are in the fields of paleoceanography, paleolimnolgy and geohazards (earthquakes, submarine landslides and associated tsunamis). EMCOL has the field and laboratory equipment for sampling and physical-property and geochemical analyses of marine and lake sediments, as well as for mapping active faults by high resolution seismic reflection method in marine and lake basins. EMCOL was established a 3-year FP6-2004-ACC-SSA-2 project funds (Contract No. 17490) and involved in EC FP6 and FP-7 projects such as ESONET, EMSO and HYPOX as a partner.