The National Institute of Industrial Environment and Risks (INERIS) is a public research institute whose mission is to provide expertise, scientific and technical assistance to the French Ministry for the Environment, with a staff of 600 persons. Through its Ground and Underground Risk Division, INERIS has facilities and multidisciplinary competences in geotechnical engineering, geology, rock and soil mechanics, geophysics. INERIS covers expertise, research and services related to geohazards and risk assessment studies related to mines, quarries, rock slopes, landslides, cliffs, tunnels, underground storage facilities, reservoirs, dams and engineered geostructures. Furthermore INERIS runs the 24h/7d e.cenaris observational and monitoring center operating numerous local and sub-regional multi-parametric monitoring systems applied to ground failure geohazards and engineered structures rated at risks. INERIS has experience in participating and managing large international projects.