DAIMAR, spin-off of CNR (National Council of Researches), is a company that carries out R&D activities to set up new products, processes and services in the field of natural sciences, engineering and physics. The company has a staff with considerable experience in the use of data processing software such as MatLab, LabView, and Visual C/C++ and owns laboratories with advanced equipment for testing and development of electronic devices. The most relevant job in electronic design has mainly dealt with marine sensors such as piezoelectric transducers, high-output impedance driver, hydrophones. The company has developed, in this regard, considerable know-how in marine applications, with the planning and prototype assembling and tests of new systems for data acquisition and processing of acoustic and ultrasonic data. Applications of the R&D products have been carried out in marine environment for the assessment of noise pollution produced both by human activities, maritime traffic or natural sources, besides studies for the evaluation of marine pelagic biomass by acoustic methods. DAIMAR is always working close to Research Institutions, promoting ideas exchange in order to achieve the highest levels of the state of the art for scientific instrumentation, always applying knowledge gained in academia. In 2010 the company started the filing process for seven new patents. DAIMAR staff currently consists of eight high professional level units.